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A provider of robotics solutions for healthcare, SIIX-AGT Medtech Pte. Ltd. specializes in service robots and surgical robots clinical applications, design, and development. Through our designs and innovations, we want to improve and transform the healthcare industry and make life easier for medical practitioners, caregivers, and patients. A leader in robotics power-assisted technology for hospital beds., our EPUSH technology earned us the first prize in Singapore's National Healthcare Group's Innovation Supplier Award in 2014. Our business partners and customers include large and established companies from Singapore, Japan, and Germany.


SIIX-AGT Medtech Pte. Ltd. is a joint venture between SIIX Corporation and SIIX-AGT MedTech Pte. Ltd. SIIX Corporation (TSE) (www.siix.co.jp) is a major Japanese manufacturing company with headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka. SIIX-AGT MedTech Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore company in the business of healthcare robotics and Medtech device, including but not limited to, service robots and surgical robots.


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